1. Project Deadlines

The purpose of the Mobile App Experience Project is to 1) assist participants with accessing/experimenting with paid apps that might improve work performance or efficiencies (vs. free apps) and 2) to have them share their experience with the library community.

There is no limitation on what type of app may be selected for evaluation except that it should be useful in a work environment. Participants should realize that their evaluations will be shared with the library community via the NN/LM MCR website, publications, conference presentations, etc. The intent of the Form below is to guide participants to submit quality app evaluations.

Each funded participant has agreed to evaluate at least 4 apps. We would like 1 evaluation submitted by the deadlines below. Participants MUST contact John Bramble (john.bramble@utah.edu) or Rachel Vukas (rvukas@kumc.edu) if they are not going to be able to meet the deadlines below.

1st & 2nd app evaluations, both due by October 31,2014
3rd - January 31, 2015
Last - April 15, 2015 (Please note this is an earlier than normal deadline)

The Mobile App Evaluation Form was converted from the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library's "App Evaluation Worksheet" that is used by students in "Topics in Medicine Pediatric Rotation" at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Thanks goes out to the faculty for allowing the NN/LM MCR to base this form on their worksheet.

* 1. Who are you?

* 2. Which quarter are you reporting in?

* 3. BASIC APP INFORMATION (Type "None" if info is not available):

* 4. OPERATING SYSTEM (mark all that apply):

* 5. APP CREDIBILITY (Type "None" if info is not available)

* 6. PURPOSE (Select "n/a" for question NOT applicable to your app)

  Yes No n/a
Inform or educate?
Persuade or promote?
Behavior modification?
Increase efficiency?
Is a mobile device the best platform for carrying out the app's purpose/function?


  Yes No Info NOT available
Does author affiliation appear to influence the views presented?
Are there conspicuous political, cultural, or religious perspectives presented?
Are there advertisements on the app?
Is the page well written (no typos)?
Was the app verified or peer reviewed by others?
Are sources used in the app cited?

* 10. Overall, how would you rate the app?

* 11. Is there anything you would like to add that was not covered above?