Objectives of this survey

This questionnaire focuses on a range of incidents that take place rather frequently in COMAH sites.

Sometimes called 'near misses', 'dangerous occurrences', or 'precursor events', these events include losses of containment, losses of control on chemical processes, fires, explosions, which may but do not always hurt ot kill. As such they can be distinguished from occupational safety incidents (slips trips and falls).

This questionnaire means to document the workforce's perspective on these events, and is addressed to reps active in COMAH sites.

Please answer these questions by relying on your personal experience and the practices you have observed in your work.

In the interest of comparison, a similar questionnaire is being circulated simultaneously in France to worker representatives in COMAH-like sites.

Completing this questionnaire will not take you more than 10 minutes. There are comment boxes in the questionnaire if you wish to add a commentary to your answers.

The questionnaire is strictly anonymous.

For any question or comment, you can contact the author and recipient of the questionnaire at j.etienne@lse.ac.uk, or call 0207 955 6349.