1. About your organization

The Minnesota Historical Society is exploring ways to broaden our engagement with county and local historical organizations with a particular emphasis on developing statewide partnerships to serve K-12 schools. Information on the current state of educational programming at your institution will help shape these partnerships, develop MHS service models and help your colleagues across the state as they plan their offerings.

Please take a few minutes to complete this online survey. The results will be shared on Local History News.

* 1. Organization Name (optional):

* 2. What best characterizes the type of organization you are?

* 3. What best characterizes the level of staff at your organization?

* 4. How much income does your organization generally have annually?

* 5. Does your organization have an annual budget to develop and deliver educational programs for K-12 schools?

* 6. Does the organization specify history education outreach goals in a long range or strategic plan?

* 7. Is anyone in your organization responsible for the delivery of educational programs to K-12 schools?

* 8. What best characterizes your organization’s exhibits?

* 9. What best describes your exhibit’s content?

* 10. How frequently does your organization update its exhibits?

* 11. What best describes your exhibit space?

* 12. If there is space to host a traveling exhibit, approximately how many square feet is available?

* 13. If 'other,' please explain: