* 1. Did you attend ConGregate 3: Geek Summer Camp?

* 2. If no, why not?  (select all that apply)

* 3. If yes, what was the deciding factor that made you want to attend?

* 4. If you attended the convention, what did you like? What events or other parts of the convention would you like to see us keep?

* 5. If you attended, what about the convention didn't you like (programming, concerts, etc)? What events would you like to see us cancel or not do again?

* 6. What other types of events or programming would you like to see at ConGregate that we are not currently doing?

* 7. Did you use Sched? (our mobile programming platform)

* 8. If no, why not?

* 9. How did you learn about ConGregate?

* 10. Is there any other feedback you would like to give us?

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