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* 1. How would you rate your overall enjoyment of the S2 Geography course?

* 2. One of the aims of the new s2 course was to make work more challenging, and a better preparation for Intermediate.
Would you rate s2 Geography as:-

* 3. If you thought the course was too difficult/ too easy, please leave a comment as to why

* 4. From the topics studied, which did you enjoy the most?

* 5. And which topic did you enjoy the least?

* 6. Did you feel that there was enough homework and assessment throughout the course?

* 7. We wanted to make the activities and approaches to learning more varied. Please tick the box which you feel you feel applies to the Geography course this year

* 8. What did you enjoy most about your rime in geography?

* 9. What did you enjoy least?

* 10. 1) What one thing would you like to see in the s2 Geography course that would improve it?
2) Would you reccomend the s2 Geography course for those choosing options in s1