1. Take Our Survey, Win a Free Notebook!

2 minutes can earn you a FREE laptop

UsedLaptops.com is conducting a survey of our website visitors. We are interested in your valuable feedback.

The survey is very simple as you answer questions and fill out a form that takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Your chances to win a laptop increases if you provide suggestions to help us improve our site by answering the 2nd question.

We congratulate the winner of our first survey, William Robert of Georgia; he received a Gateway Solo 5300 laptop for completing our survey October 2006.

Edna Herdman of Florida, received a Toshiba laptop in January 2007.

Zach Gately of Colorado, is getting a laptop in April 2007. His suggestion about changing our customer service sidebar, which we took to heart, was mqjor factor in awarding him the laptop. Zach's comments after receiving the laptop ... Right out of the box, I was surprised by its immaculate beauty. There were barely any scratches on it. It seems that it was very well refurbished, Thank you again. I am very happy with this, and I encourage my family and friends (and myself) to buy from you. Zach

To be eligible you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older and must be a US citizen. Limit one survey response per person.

For participating in our survey, you will be entered into a drawing making you eligible to win a laptop computer.

Another laptop winner will be selected July 2007.

* 1. Rate our website, including its design, ease of use, description of laptops, available inventory, prices, etc.

* 2. Do you have any recommendations on how we could make our website better? We read all suggestions and take them very seriously. Making a suggestion improves your odds of winning a laptop.

* 4. Which two of these laptop accessories would you purchase?

* 5. Refurbished laptops often don't have working batteries (not tested)! Is that important? Would you buy a used, tested battery that holds a charge for at least one hour for $45? Would you pay extra for a new battery. Would you buy a new battery that holds a charge for 2-3 hours for $75?

* 6. If you found the right laptop on our site, how likely would you be to purchase from us?

* 7. Would you like us to contact you? If you are not ready to buy now, but would be in the future, let us know.

Our privacy policy is simple: When you give us your email address, we're not going to sell it or give it to anyone for any reason. Period. No "partners", no "associates", no "special offers", none of that malarkey. … That's it. We hate Spam and we're not about to add to it. When we contact you, you will only get one brief message from us!

* 8. If you want us to contact you:

enter your email address

We will contact you ASAP, in 30 days or in 90 days.

* 9. Are you looking for a refurbished or a new laptop?

* 10. Which sites did you check out when looking for a laptop?

* 11. Did you notice our laptop "blog" (more a laptop information site than a blog)? If you checked it out did you find it helpful? Suggest an article or topic we should add?

* 12. If you trust our site, let us know. Tell us which three choices are the most important. Any we missed that you look for when visiting a new site?

* 13. If you bought a refurbished laptop from Usedlaptops.com, Inc. leave some feedback (good or bad). Tell us if you are satisfied, dissatisfied and if you would buy from us again or recommend us to others.

* 14. If you buy a laptop and would buy and external Hard Drive, which one would you buy?

* 15. To qualify for our drawing, please enter your email address telephone number and country.