What are the Power House Business Incubator Grants all about?

Each year the Power House Youth Leadership Foundation offers a grant known as the Power House Youth Leadership Incubator Grant.

This new Grant program aims to support budding business or social entrepreneurs/ innovators within our organisation aged 30 and under. This grant includes phased business incubator funding (Phase 1: $3,000 and Phase 2: $5,000) based on the achievement of agreed milestones with a nominated mentor). In addition to incubator funding, the award also provides support through learning opportunities, business mentoring and connections.

The successful applicant would be required to have a business mentor (from within LSC&PH or connected through LSC&PH) who would work closely with the applicant over a 12 month incubator period.  


Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to apply for a Power House Business Incubator Grant you must:

- be aged between 18 and 30 as of March 31, 2017

- be a financial member of LSC&PH and participated in at least two programs over the past 12 months at the time of submission

- have an innovative business/ social innovation idea

- be the owner of your proposed business/ social innovation idea

- be available and committed to participating in the full day incubator design and pitch workshop; working with a mentor and pitching your business / social innovation idea to a panel.


Application Process:

Step 1: Submission of online application form (Open From 1st December to 31st March 2016)

Step 2: Shortlisted applications are invited to attend a full day incubator design and pitch workshop (during April 2017)

Step 3: 15 minute pitch of your business idea to a nominated panel (May 2017)

The winner will be announced in late May / early June 2017 and agreed milestones established in partnership with the nominated mentor.

Please contact Mark Thomson in the LSC&PH Office if you require any further information.

* 1. Name:

* 2. Gender:

* 3. Age:

* 4. Email:

* 5. Mobile:

* 6. In which industry category does your Business idea / social enterprise best fit?

* 7. Type of product or solution you plan to produce in less than 100 words.

* 8. Describe the problem are you planning to solve in less than 200 words.

* 9. Indicate your target market and associated characteristics (including age, gender, career, life style etc.) in less than 200 words.*

* 10. Explain the reasons why people will use or buy your product/ service

* 11. What are the revenue streams for this business/ social enterprise?

* 12. How will customers learn about your solution / product / service? (less than 200 words)*

* 13. Who is your competition? (less than 150 words)

* 14. Who is your team? Who would you intend to work/collaborate with?

* 15. What capacity do you currently have to develop and produce this solution?(less than 200 words)* eg. What resources or skills do you have to support this idea.

* 16. In addition to financial capital please describe the types of support you are looking for to help you develop your idea and bring it to the market.(in less than 200 words)*

* 17. What/who are your influencers? Who are you listening/reading?

* 18. Who are your mentors?

* 19. Who inspires you?