* 1. Do you live near a sober living home and if so do you know if it is licensed by the state Department of Health Care Services (DHCS)?

* 2. Would you know where to obtain information to find out if a suspected sober living home is licensed or not?

* 3. Do you know how to file a complaint with the CA DHCS regarding a licensed facility?

* 4. If you know how to file a complaint with the CA DHCS regarding a licensed facility have you ever attempted to lodge a complaint about a sober living home with DHCS?

* 5. If you have filed a complaint with DHCS, what feedback did you receive from the DHCS?

* 6. If you do not know how to file a complaint with DHCS, would you lodge a complaint if you knew how to do so?

* 7. Have you ever seen a facility that isn’t licensed that you think should be (e.g., if you learn that they control or supervise residents’ medications)?

* 8. Have you suspected that sober living home should require a license and complained to DHCS? What was the result?

* 9. Are you aware of any situations at licensed facilities that you think might be harmful or detrimental to facility residents (e.g., active drug use in, at, or near the facility)? Please describe in detail.

* 10. Have you notice increased trash and drug paraphernalia on your street?

* 11. Have you observed people living in the recovery home using drugs, needles or drinking while trying to hide near the home?

* 12. Has your fresh air been impacted by an increase in smokers smoking near the recovery home or in the back yard of the home?

* 13. Thank you for filling out this survey. If you would like to file a complaint related to licensed sober living facilities please call the Department of Health Care Services at (916) 322-2911 or (877) 685-8333, or via the web at: https://apps.dhcs.ca.gov/AutoForm2/Page/AutoForm2.aspx.
For more information visit: http://www.dhcs.ca.gov/individuals/Pages/Sud-Complaints.aspx.

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