Monday, June 23rd

Please rate the presentations from the Food/General Session -OR- the Drug/Device Seminar.

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* 1. Food and General Sessions (in order of appearance):

  Very Good Good Fair Poor Did Not Attend
Insights and Global Trends Impacting Food and Medical Products (David Acheson)
Integrated Food Safety System and FDA's Office of Partnerships (Barbara Cassens)
The Emerging Risks of a Global Food System (Richard Shanks)
Role of Environmental Monitoring and Industry Data Review and Decision Making Criteria & Actions (Carrie Rigdon, Scott Hood, Leslie Hintz, Nancy Schmidt)
Enhancing your Organizational Effectiveness – Change Management Principles & Practices (Richard Versen)
Understanding and Managing Mycotoxins in Food and Feed (Michael Henry, Tim Herrman)
Food Allergen Policy Issues (Nicole Smith)
Consumer Expectations About FSMA Implementation and Impact (Sandra Eskin)
Antibiotics in Agriculture and the Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming (Gail Hansen)

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* 2. Drug and Device Seminar (in order of appearance):

  Very Good Good Fair Poor Did Not Attend
UDI Implementation (Cornelia Rooks)
Contract Manufacturing Arrangements for Drugs: Quality Agreements (Paula Katz [Remote])
Compliance Question Panel (Ricky Rodriguez, Howard Manresa, Ricki Chase)
Medical Devices: Reports of Corrections and Removals (Caroline Le, Zena Kaufman)
Compounding Pharmacies (Susan Laska, Erika Butler, Shan Chikhale)

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Thank you for taking the time to participate in this evaluation. Your feedback will be very helpful in planning future conferences!