1. Welcome

Welcome, and thank you for agreeing to provide institutional information that must precede consideration of your participation in piloting of the College Board Computer Science: Principles (CSP) course.

Please note that you must submit a course syllabus, preferably with mappings to the learning objectives in the CSP Curriculum Framework or a description of how the syllabus reflects the CSP Computational Thinking Practices and Big Ideas. More information about the CSP Curriculum Framework can be found at CS Principles. Go to Pilot Upload and upload a PDF version of your CS Principles course syllabus.

To assist with matching your survey information to your syllabus, be sure to include the following information in your syllabus:
* the same name and email address you will use in the survey
* school name, address, and phone number

The PDF file name should include your last name and school name if possible (e.g., Diaz_CBUniversity.pdf)

In this survey, you will be asked to provide the following types of information:
* school characteristics
* information about your computer science program
* individual information
* information pertaining to piloting the College Board Computer Science: Principles course
* your potential agreement to expectations about piloting the course

Some of this information will be utilized as evidence to determine your eligibility as a piloting school. Eligibility evidence will be evaluated according to a 4point rubric (4 = advanced qualifications, 3 = exceed minimum qualifications, 2 = meets minimum qualifications, and 1 = does not meet minimum criteria) using the following criteria:

Agreement to implement portfolio assessment, submit student portfolios electronically, participate in the project evaluation data collection effort, submit a course syllabus mapped to the CS: Principles learning objectives, submit a recruitment plan focused on increasing the enrollment of women and underrepresented students, and attend biannual pilot instructors' meetings

Estimated student populations in the course that meet or exceed
* the population of females at the participating institution
* the population of the following racial/ethnic groups at the participating institution: Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian/Alaskan Native

The capacity to administer pilot test items via computer

Instructor's experience with
* former participation as a College Board Computer Science: Principles school
* implementation of portfolio assessments

If you have any questions, please email Lien Diaz, ldiaz@collegeboard.org.