* 1. How satisfied are you with the Viking Park as it currently exists?

  very satisfied satisfied no opinion dissatisfied very dissatisfied
Your feedback

* 2. What do you like the most (or least)  about the Viking Park?

* 3. If an extension to the Viking Park was to focus on celebrating one aspect of the community what would be it be?

* 4. Have you donated to Viking Park. If so, why

* 5. This next phase will include the development of new pathways and/or improvement to existing pathways. Please rate the following options.

  strongly support support do not support strongly do not support
an improved path south along the breakwater towards South Beach
an improved path to the Pan Am Pier, east around the Harbour Hill
an improved path to the main pier, around the hill, across the Yacht Club property, through the parking lot to the Rotary Fountain (waterfront path)
a new and improved pathway from the Viking Park to the main pier on 1st Avenue (non water front)
a new and improved pathway from the Viking Park north along 2nd Avenue

* 6. Phase 2 could include numerous small improvements beyond new pathways, please rate the need for the following:

  strongly agree agree neutral disagree strongly disagree
bicycle racks
directional signage
sun shelter
interpretive signage
native grasses and flowers
improved lighting 
more benches
improved shoreline design and maintenance

* 7. Pathways can take many shapes and surface types. Please rate the following options;

  strongly agree agree neutral disagree strongly disagree
paving stones
wider paths

* 8. Do you have any other suggestions or concerns regarding the Viking Park?

* 9. We want to create safe spaces. Do you have any safety concerns regarding the Viking Park and improved pathway systems ?

* 10. Would you like to become more involved in the creation and operation of the Viking Park?