The theme for 2018: Every action counts

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The competition is open for entries during 9.4.-14.6.2018.

Send in high quality picture/s of your work/s through the -service to our email Please follow this naming convention: Last name First name, size of work, name of work, type. For example: "Doe_John_100x70_cm_Flowers_in_vase_oil_on_canvas_1.jpg" 

We will contact all participating artists in July of the situation. We will also inform the finalists of the next steps in the competition. The finalist works will be invited to The Art of Basware -exhibition at the Clarion Helsinki hotel 11.9.-10.10.2018. The winner will be announced at the opening ceremony of the exhibition on 11.9.2018. The exhibition is open to the public. As all the works are for sale in the exhibition, please price your art. The artist is responsible for all transportation costs of their art work to and from the exhibition. The art work has to be ready for hanging or presentation. We will not insure the works that are selected to The Art of Basware exhibition. Please take care of the insurance yourself or accept the risk of damage or disappearing.

Thank you for entering the competition!

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The Art of Basware -winners 2016

Tiina-Liisa Kaalamo: Terrarotta-armeija
Ville Laurinkoski: Hermeneutiikkaa Europa

The Art of Basware -winners 2016 <br><br>Tiina-Liisa Kaalamo: Terrarotta-armeija<br>Ville Laurinkoski: Hermeneutiikkaa Europa
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Please remember to send the pictures of your work through service to our email address! Please do not send your pictures directly to our email address as it will fill up the box and prevent others from reaching us, thank you. Please make sure the pictures you send are of high quality and big enough so that the jury is able to judge them. Crop the pictures so that only the work and possible frame are visible. 

Thank you for entering the competition! 

If you have any questions, please contact: Lena Björkman, Basware, 

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