FRA Round Down for Blue Water Vets Survey

In an effort to fund the “Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act” (HR-969 and S-681), congressional leaders are looking for a monetary offset. One offset that has been suggested would be for ALL VETERANS receiving disability compensation to allow the VA to round down their benefit to the nearest dollar. For example, if you currently receive a check for $100.15, your payment would be rounded to $100, and the remaining $0.15 would be placed in a fund to pay for benefits for Blue Water Vietnam veterans affected by exposure to Agent Orange.

Are you willing to give up an amount of $0.99 per month or less so that other veterans can receive compensation for their disabilities? We need all veterans in receipt of compensation checks to weigh in on their willingness to give their “round down” for this cause by taking this brief, five-question survey.

This survey will not collect any personally-identifying data, and will take you less than a minute to complete; please help us make the very important determination of whether to support this funding strategy. Please click the "Next" button below to begin.