Images of disaster, both man-made and natural, cause people to act. Volunteers are assembled, donations are made, resources are mobilized and the media directs its lenses and microphones so as not to miss capturing whatever may be happening on a given day. If this kind of media attention results in the ease of suffering or more assistance being provided to those in need, that's a good thing and such actions are worthy of recognition and praise. 

However, most good deeds go unreported. They happen every day, and are often the result of average people who want to give to those among us who are less fortunate or in need. School supplies are gathered, free dinners are served, roadsides are cleaned up of trash — the list of community involvement projects is a mile long. Fortunately, we live and work in a city that's full of commercial enterprises that take actions such as these, and they do so not because they have to but because they understand that improving the city in which one works is just good business. 

Each year through its Companies With Heart Awards, 904 Magazine attempts to recognize some of the noteworthy community-minded actions undertaken by many Northeast Florida businesses. In no way do we consider this recognition to be all-encompassing. At best, it's a small snapshot of what our area's businesses do to keep our streets a little cleaner, our kids a little healthier, our disadvantaged a little happier and, perhaps, our city a little brighter. 

To nominate your company, please complete and submit the following. Nominations will be accepted from October 3 through December 30, 2016.

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* 11. Please list the activities, programs and policies that highlight your company's commitment to lending a helping hand. Examples must have occured in 2016: 

* 12. New charitable initiatives you plan to launch in 2017

* 13. How does your organization measure success as it relates to community involvement? 

Additional materials may be sent via mail to 904 Magazine, 1261 King St., Jacksonville, FL 32204. Materials such as photos, articles and company handbooks are encouraged. In fact, we anticipate the competition will be so stiff that supporting materials are all but necessary. Nominations sent before October 3 will not be considered. 
Each entry will be evaluated by an impartial committee, and the winners will be featured in the February 2017 edition of 904 Magazine and honored at an awards luncheon. Questions regarding Companies with Heart and opportunities for becoming an event sponsor should be directed to the attention of Amy Robertson, 389-3622.