Part I: General Information

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Thanks for your interest in the Social Innovation Safari - Nairobi 2014.

The Social Innovation Safari - East Africa 2014 is an inaugural ten-day immersive learning experience organized by Amani Institute and The NEST where designers, social workers, academics, entrepreneurs, researchers, and practitioners from around the East Africa region and the world work together to problem solve real-life social issues.

We’ll use a problem-solving approach, which is collaborative, action-oriented, and inherently social. We’ll work on the messy, complex social issues that are in desperate need of both new approaches & new solutions. The Safari is a methodology for developing our collective problem-solving capabilities and skill. Imagine joining an inter-disciplinary dream team, and discovering new ways to prompt social change!

Before applying please check the eligibility criteria:

A. Be a resident of an African country OR resident from any other country but working with African related issues

B. Have more than 2 years of work experience in a field related to social change

C. Be able to demonstrate a track record as a visionary individual with the courage and empathy to create social change.

  • Early registration fee USD 450: March 1st
  • Final Registration fee USD 500: March 20th

If you want to apply for a scholarship please send a letter 1) expressing what percentage of scholarship do you need, 2) explaining why do you need the scholarship and 3) why it is so important for you to participate in the Social Innovation Safari

Selected candidates will be announced in the official sites of the Social Innovation Safari by March 24th

Questions? Please send us an email or visit our site where you can find more information about the Social Innovation Safari!

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* 11. If you are working, where are you working and what are you doing?

* 12. Tell us your story. (200 words)

* 13. What skills and knowledge will you bring to the Social Innovation Safari? (200 words)

* 14. How will your participation in the Social Innovation Safari contribute to your personal and professional development? (200 words)

* 15. What is your experience with social innovation? (Share with us if you have done a course, use it in your work place or others) (200 words)

* 16. How did you learn about the Social Innovation Safari?

* 17. Please paste your CV here AND email it to us. Note that you must also send your CV to us by email.