A chara,

As the newly-appointed Minister of State for Financial Services at the Department of Finance, I am delighted to have this opportunity to update members of Ireland’s diaspora on the progress that we are making in implementing the Government’s strategy for Ireland’s international financial services (IFS) sector, IFS2020, and to ask for your assistance in helping to ensure that Ireland remains a location of choice for highly-skilled IFS professionals.

With my appointment, the new Government has sent a clear signal that IFS plays a vital role in the Irish economy, and that implementation of the IFS2020 Strategy will continue to be a priority. It is my intention to progress the work that is now well underway within the IFS2020 framework, in conjunction with stakeholders across the public and private sectors in Ireland. Through our collective efforts, we can ensure that Ireland’s IFS sector continues to thrive in this increasingly competitive global market, and makes a strong contribution to sustainable job creation across all regions of the country.

Already the strategy has achieved much. Ireland hosted the inaugural European Financial Forum in January 2016, providing a forum to debate strategic developments in the European financial system.

The 2017 Forum will take place in Dublin on 24 January 2017 and, building on the success of the inaugural Forum, the keynotes and panels sessions will have a greater focus on Europe’s engagement with the North American and Asian financial systems. Further details on this event will be available in the coming months.

The IFS2020 Strategy has also delivered a new banner brand for the IFS industry in Ireland, ‘IFS Ireland’. The banner brand has been developed through a process of consultation with industry, and aims to enhance and maximise the impact of Government and industry bodies promoting the industry internationally. The brand will be used in market and the accompanying website will serve as the online resource for IFS in Ireland. 

An important part of achieving our vision of making Ireland the recognised global location of choice for specialist IFS – and in particular at this time – is  ensuring that we have the right mix of high-skilled IFS professionals living and working in Ireland, and the right conditions for the sector to thrive. Under the IFS2020 Action Plan for 2016, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland have been tasked with engaging Ireland's overseas diaspora and business networks and seeking their views on the constraints and enablers in respect of Ireland as a location of choice for high-skilled international IFS professionals. To achieve this we have developed a survey and we would be very grateful if you could take time to complete the 31 questions.

I ask that you be frank and open with your views – both positive and negative – as we will only be able to build on our strengths and tackle our weaknesses if we have a clear sense of what exactly they are and how they impact.

The survey will be available online until 9 September 2016, after which your views will be collated and report will be issued to the Committee with responsibility for implementing the IFS2020 Strategy.

We greatly value your input and I thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

Is mise le meas

Eoghan Murphy, T.D.,
Minister of State for Financial Services
Chair of the IFS2020 Joint Committee

14% of survey complete.