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Represent SAHP......

We are seeking AH Faculty and Staff who are willing to represent SAHP through an online profile giving your personal perspectives.

We want web viewers to connect with us and feel welcome online, and recognize our friendly faces once they arrive on campus.

The profiles will provide departments and programs with added exposure on our school site. These profiles are seperate from the faculty directory (ie resume format). They are a bit more personal, (business personal) but not to personal, which is our goal. We also will be developing current student and alumni profiles.

Please complete the following questionnaire. Several responses are required and you may choose from several sample questions or write questions of your own and respond to them.

We will place links on your profile to your department/ programs, faculty directory pages and email so students may contact you. You may also add additional professional links that you frequent and find interesting.

If you have already taken a photo with Dr Kroetz, we will be using those photos. If you haven't, we will need to schedule a few minutes to take one.

Thank you for your willingness to represent SAHP online.

* Your Name
Your Department Title

* What year did you start working at SAHP?

* Are you an alumni of LLU?

* Welcome to SAHP/Introduction...

Please elaborate on several of the following statements below.... (please address at least 3)

How did you hear about or get your start in your AH profession?
Elaborate on the demand of your AH profession in health care today.
How has your AH profession progressed since you entered your field?
What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?
What makes LLU SAHP or your program unique from other programs/schools/institutions?
What strengths/characteristics does one need to be successful in your profession?
What do you see in the future for your AH profession?
What school event do you look forward to every year? (ie graduation, first day of school etc)
What types of community service do you engage in? (support/awareness, community, religious)
What hobbies or activities do you enjoy away from LLU?
Your own topic(s)

* 1st topic

* 2nd Topic

* 3rd topic

* 4th topic

* What advice do you have for prospective students/parents:

Interested in attending your program or SAHP?
Pursuing your chosen AH profession in today's economy?
Returning back to school to achieve a higher degree?

* Closing: Invite to visit/advise or contact...etc

* Your Top Five Favorites
Professional Web Links
Places or activities around LLU you recommend
Keys to applying to SAHP
Profession Tips
Your own top five list