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thanks for popping in to tell us what you like to eat!

We are setting up a new local food business on our croft at Knockfarrel near Dingwall. We are preparing the ground just now, and will have fresh salads, herbs, vegetables and fruit available from about this time next year. We are also planning to introduce some pigs and expand the range of jams and other products we make.

Please answer the 10 quick questions to let us know what sorts of food you like to eat and how we can get it to you. This will help us plan our set-up and make sure we have the products you like in the places you like to buy them.

There's a box at the end you can use to make suggestions, and a place to leave your details if you'd like to eat with us, when the food is ready. Please also pass on the link to this survey to your friends and colleagues in the area, so they can join in too.

Thanks for you help


Jo Hunt
Knockfarrel Produce
Ian Mor
IV15 9TQ

T: 07990 524280
E: info@knockfarrel.com