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* 1. Do you think that due to the large protection of the first patents granted in the field of nanotechnology/ nanomedicine the vast majority of newcomers will be obliged to request a license to freely operate in the market? Patent trolls will be an issue in your opinion?

* 2. Do you think that the approach of the European Patent Office and the one of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office be different towards the evaluation of patentability requirements in the field of nanotechnology? If so, can you make an example?

* 3. Do you think that nanomedicine-related innovations could be also effectively protected by different intellectual property rights, other than patents, or through trade secrets?

* 4. Do you think that new models of partnering techniques or novel collateral exploiting routes could be effectively deployed in the sector in question?

* 5. What are in your opinion the best practices, if any, for a technology transfer office of a public institution to exploit a nanomedicine-related innovation and to bring it from the bench to the market?

* 6. Do you think that the securitization of assets stemming from IPRs covering nanomedicine-related innovations could be a viable and effective means to exploit them? And the IP auctions?

* 7. Please, list any publications you have written which are relevant to the questionnaire and if your replies are contained fully or in part in one of the publications, please mention the publication in question and, if possible, indicate the website(s) where they can be retrieved.

* 8. Please, list all the documents that you consider relevant to the answers that you have given and, if possible, indicate the website(s) where they can be retrieved.

* 9. Purpose of the questionnaire: your answers could be used during the drafting of a Ph.D. dissertation which concerns the patenting and evaluation of nanomedicine innovations which will be published in 2009 or 2010, the hyperlink to the document or the publication (if published as a book) will be provided to all contributors once the dissertation will be published.
How to fill in the questionnaire: please, feel free to reply to the questions that you consider more relevant to your experience and to send the form back even if you replied to just some of the them. They are relevant and valuable and can be helpful to my research. For your convenience, you can also reply to the questionnaire by recording your answers and then sending them as an audio file to my e-mail account.

Please provide the data here below to be contacted, if necessary.

* 10. I understand and accept that the answers I have provided in the questionnaire above could be used directly (by using quotation marks) or indirectly (by rephrasing or extrapolating a concept that I have expressed).

I also understand and accept that all the statements contained in the questionnaire above will be quoted as mine and not as of the company/institution I belong to, even though the link with my company/institution will be mentioned in the dissertation.