* 1. Two years ago, Spellbinders switched from a monthly to weekly format. Which format do you prefer?

* 2. Spellbinders topics:
Our first post of the month is a feature article, including interviews, guest posts, and other topics pertaining to children's and young adult literature.

How engaging do you find our monthly feature article?

* 3. Spellbinders topics:
Our second post of the month is Carolee's The Secret Language of Stories, which analyzes story structure.

How engaging do you find The Secret Language of Stories?

* 4. Spellbinders topics:
Our third post of the month is Kimberley's Book Buzz, which features books grouped by topic and genre and showcases publishing trends.

How engaging do you find Book Buzz?

* 5. Spellbinders topics:
Our fourth post of the month is Caroline's Classroom Connections, which focuses on lesson ideas and books for classroom settings.

How engaging do you find Classroom Connections?

* 6. What other topics, if any, would you like to see covered at Spellbinders?

* 7. Who are you?

* 8. How did you find out about Spellbinders?

* 9. If you subscribe through email, how often do you open Spellbinders?

* 10. What kind of giveaways most interest you?