1. General Information on partnerships


In order to ensure that the new Global Alliance platform can best respond to your needs and be a useful, supportive tool, please complete the questionnaire. It should take approximately 10 minutes.

Thank you.

* 1. OPTIONAL contact details: Providing the following information would allow us to inform you of developments made following the survey.

* 2. Please indicate which sector and industry you are part of:

* 3. What are your challenges when attempting to work with other organizations in the cultural industries?

* 4. What kind of informations would assist you in meeting the challenges you previously identified?

  Very useful Useful Not useful
Information about tailored support for partnerships
Tips on fundraising
Information about a specific cultural industries sector
Information about the development and strengthening of cultural industries worldwide
Information about facilitators who offer help in partnership building
Information about self-funding of projects
Information about starting a business
Information about the cultural industries' value chain

* 5. What types of downloadable tools or training opportunities would assist you in meeting the challenges you identified earlier?

  Very useful Useful Not useful
Tools to facilitate the work with different cultural industries sectors
Specific tools for a particular cultural industry
Training opportunities applied to specific cultural industries
Training opportunities on the promotion and facilitation of partnerships
Entrepreneurship tools specific to an industry

* 6. Have you ever followed, during previous partnership experiences, the steps we describe in this section?

* 7. Regarding this section of the web platform, what do you think of:

  Excellent Good Average Weak
The quality of the information
The quantity of information
The pertinence of the information provided
Adequacy to your professional practice
The division of the content in stages
Clarity – Comprehension

* 8. This information has provided you with (you may choose more than one answer):

* 9. What other item(s) on partnership facilitating would you like to find in this section?

* 10. Do you have any further comment on the design and/or content of this section?