* 1. What is your county?

* 2. What is your city? (optional)

* 3. What do you feel are the three (3) best qualities for your city and county? What does your community already do well? Examples might include "good schools" or "agricultural production."

* 4. What do you feel are the three (3) most serious weaknesses facing your city or county? examples include, high school graduates leaving the region, lack of abundant water supply, aging infrastructure, fire protection, etc.

* 5. Please rank the following regional priorities from 1-9.

* 6. If you included an "other" priority in your answer to question 5, please identify it here.

* 7. In terms of what is available but not being taken advantage of, what do you feel are the three (3) best opportunities for your city or county? Three examples are the region's central location for manufacturing, possible wind farms or current positive trends in agriculture.

* 8. What are three (3) specific challenges for your city or county? Two illustrations are drought or lack of state and federal awareness of the needs of rural communities.