A new option committed to authentic experience and minimal waste.

Our Menu contains typical Vietnamese dishes which are suitable for lunch and diner, freshly made by experienced Housewives/husbands who have been living in France for many years but hold dearly the tradition of Vietnamese cookings from different parts of Vietnam. Our mission is to deliver not only high quality food but an experience that could present the culture the most possible. Each week, one or two typical Vietnamese dishes will be chosen and made by one of our chefs from their own kitchens and delivered to you. This selective menu is to make sure the quality due to limited working space and with ordering in advance and using reusable box, you will help us (and our planet) to reduce food waste and waste till the minimum. 

Price: 11 euros/ portion + 2 euros delivery fee + 4 euros ONE-TIME deposit for the reusable box

Special offer for ALORA members - apply for the first 4 orders:
- Free delivery within delivery zone
- 10euros/ portion when ordering more than 2 portions

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