We are interested in your perspective on library instruction. This survey is completely anonymous and should take only a couple of minutes to fill out. Thanks!

1. Your class section number

4. The level this session was taught at was

5. Decide whether each citation refers to a book, a journal article, or a website.

  article book website don't know
Chong, D. (2006). Free Speech and Multiculturalism In and Out of the Academy. Political Psychology, 27(1), 29-54.
Downs, D. A. (2005). Restoring Free Speech and Liberty on Campus. Cambridge, UK; United Kingdom: Cambridge U Press.
Beito, David, Robert "KC" Johnson, and Ralph E. Luker . "Who's Undermining Freedom of Speech on Campus Now". History News Network. June 25, 2007 <http://hnn.us/articles/11276.html>.

6. You find a reference to an article that you want to read. You have the name of the article, the name of the journal, and the date, but you do not have the full text. How do you determine if the USF library has that journal?

7. You are researching the planet Saturn. You tried a keyword search on "Saturn," and now you want to modify your search. Which expression would you use to...

  Saturn AND climate Saturn OR planets Saturn NOT car don't know
focus your search results, retrieving a smaller number of results?
expand your search results, retrieving a larger number of results?
eliminate results containing a specific word?

8. Truncation allows you to locate words with different endings. How would you truncate the word "education" to include the related concepts of educated, educators, educating, etc.?

9. When you find an article, how can you tell whether it is a scholarly article or an article from a popular magazine?

  scholarly journal article popular magazine article don't know
It's a brief article
The article is from a publication with lots of advertisements, photographs, and illustrations.
The article includes a list of references or citations
The author has credentials after his/her name

10. Say you want to find information on the topic of "solar energy" - what is the difference between keyword and subject searching on the phrase "solar energy"?

  keyword searching subject searching don't know
retrieves books or articles that contain the terms "solar energy" in the book or article title, summary, or subject headings.
retrieves books or articles that have been identified by a librarian, publisher or author as being directly related to the topic of "solar energy"

11. You can use Link+ to do which of the following?

12. What changes would you recommend to this session to make it more useful for other students?

  more time less time just right not applicable
do my own research
librarian led demonstrations
tour of the library

13. Do you have any remaining questions? (If you would like a librarian to get back to you with an answer to your question, please give us your email address.)