1. The 2010 PAC2 Childhood Cancer Awareness Survery

Thank you for participating in the People Against Childhood Cancer (PAC2) 2010 September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Survey. PAC2 is a childhood advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness of childhood cancer. The survey includes 10 questions and then provides additional information on childhood cancer. The survey goals are:

1 - Spread awareness of the realities and challenges in the childhood cancer world;

2 - Engage and encourage citizens to take action and donate to support the most innocent and youngest amongst us, our children; and,

3 - Provide and collect information to expand and improve efforts to accomplish our mission - curing childhood cancer.

Thanks to our sponsor, The St. Baldrick's Foundation!

1. Are you a parent?

2. Before this survey, did you know that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month or that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

3. What is the leading cause of death by disease for American children under 20?

4. American children have approximately what chance of being diagnosed with cancer before age 20?

5. The number of American children under 20 diagnosed with cancer each year is approximately?

6. The American Cancer Society contributes what percentage of their total public support to childhood cancer research?

7. Generally, when people think of breast cancer advocacy and fundraising, they think of Susan G Koman, a hugely successful organization. When you think of childhood cancer advocacy and fundraising, which groups do you think of (multiple answers allowed)?

8. We all hate all cancers, yet funding priorities for research are complex. Other cancers may have more cases diagnosed, and some have lower survival rates. Yet each child diagnosed with cancer represents the greatest chance to save the most years of life, and on a potential life year basis, childhood cancer is woefully underfunded.

How would you like the nation to prioritize funding for life-saving cancer research?

9. Childhood Cancer in the United States of America

  True False
Childhood cancer is the #1 killer disease of our kids before age 20; killing more kids every year than cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, asthma and AIDS combined.
Childhood cancer is 2nd only to accidents as a cause of death for our children.
Childhood cancer is diagnosed in 1 of 300 children before the age of 20.
Childhood cancer is diagnosed in nearly 15,000 children every year.
Childhood cancer kills nearly 3,000 children every year.
Over 40,000 kids are being treated for childhood cancer every day.
Childhood cancer actually includes 12 major groups and numerous sub-groups of cancer types (e.g., brain, blood and central nervous system cancers).
The average 5-year survivorship rate (78%) for all types of childhood cancer has been level for years; with some types of childhood cancer still extremely challenging to treat.
The 350,000 survivorss of childhood cancer today face a 2/3 chance of developing long-term health effects from treatments, including; secondary cancers, major organ problems, fertility issues, and development issues.
Childhood cancer's are not scaled down version of adult cancers, they are different types of cancers and require specialized research.
Childhood cancer research is woefully underfunded compared to adult cancers, with shockingly low funding levels from the American Cancer Society (less than $0.01 per $1 public support) and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (less than $0.05 per $1 public support), and less than 4% of funds from the National Cancer Institute directed to all services associated with childhood cancer.
Although the pharmaceutical industry invests more money in research than the National Institutes of Health, this investment historically has all but excluded childhood cancer research; it's just not profitable.

10. Given support and information, would you be willing to participate in awareness and fundraising events in your area to combat this horrific disease?