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* 1. Being On The “Cutting Edge” of Education
Teaching eLearning has been everything I hoped it would be and more! I was searching for a way to help students in a more individualized way. I’d found that in the traditional classroom environment, I was struggling to find the balance that would allow me to be an effective teacher for all of my students. I wanted to be able to help students who needed a little more one-on-one time while encouraging students who desired to move at a more accelerated pace.

With assignment help online, I am able to identify students who are struggling with a concept much earlier in the learning process. I can help them with individualized feedback and allow them to go back through a lesson and learn what they may have missed. I believe that learning this way gives students a greater opportunity to master lessons and succeed on tests.

I truly love being on the cutting edge of education and absolutely believe that eLearning is the way of the future. The online platform is here to stay. The sooner students are acclimated to it, the better off they will be. Higher education relies heavily on online classes. Colleges are looking for students who have proven they know how to navigate through this type of environment. They rely heavily now on online communication. Understanding how to upload assignments, communicate effectively and non-verbally by typing your thoughts, and learning how to learn other than by face-to-face communication are critical parts of education today. Quite frankly, business today demands it. Online collaboration and virtual teamwork are essential skills that today’s students and employees are expected to have. ELearning, through SUSD’s eLearning classes, is a great way to insure that our students are getting a head start.