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If you're an innovator, you're in the right place!

On the following pages, you're going to encounter a series of questions. Your responses will help us learn more about about your idea, your operation, and the support you'll need to reach that next level of impact. Based upon the way you answer the questions, you'll also see a handful of recommendations. Together, these prompts and the resulting tips demonstrate the "Growth Planner" concept we're exploring for

The ultimate goal of Growth Planner is to help connect you with funders, while also delivering a more customized experience on We'd love your help in refining it.

Get started by clicking the "Next button" at the bottom of this page. Oh, and consider the following as you're trying to make sense of the experience:

* How is the general experience of reading and answering the questions?
* In our attempt to determine more about your idea and operation, are we missing anything? Is there anything you'd want to share that isn't included in the planner?
* Do you feel comfortable sharing this information with Changemakers, or other folks in the Changemakers community?

Thank you for your time!

Tim Scheu
Senior Project Manager, Ashoka Changemakers