* 1. Are you attending the FREE "Create in Community" event on March 30th, 3 - 5.30 pm at 5741 Telegraph Avenue?

* 2. Contact Information

* 3. Are you a writer, a visual artist or want to explore your creativity through other means?

* 4. What makes you want to come to this event?

* 5. What are the ideas you have so far on a creative project you may want to work on and finish in 8 weeks?

* 6. What are the things you are doing now in terms of growth, wellness and transformation for wellness?

* 7. What are your current and/or preferred creative outlets?

* 8. What areas of your life bring you joy?

* 9. What areas of your life are challenging for you?

* 10. Are you interested in joining our "Transformative Arts Program" series which starts on April 6th and continues till May 18th every Sunday, 3.00 - 5.30 pm? The cost is $280. Few scholarships available for students and low-income women.

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