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What we are doing:
We are putting together a user focused educational website. For this we have a section called "Get Involved". The purpose of this section, is to influence passive vegans to become active vegans, from reading the brief stories from other vegans who have been active in some way.

For some; being an active vegan, could be as simple as arranging vegan dinners with their non vegan friends, sharing posts on facebook, writing vegan chalk messages around their city, down to setting up or joining an initiative of some sort, such as a vegan education table, or a grow your own community garden. Whatever it is that you have done, if your approach has some form of influence, it is you being active.

How it works:
The "Get Involved" section is broken down to the following headings; Think, Act, Ask, Adapt. Each person’s story will not be read in a flow from Think - Act - Ask - Adapt. Everyone’s story from each section, will all be compiled together in that section on the website. So all of the Think stories from everyone will be together, all of the Act stories will be together etc…

This means, the story you write for each section (Think, Act, Ask, Adapt), does not have to follow on from the previous, you could be writing about the same things throughout each section, or about different things in each section. The reason for this, is so in each section, the user will click next, next, next, reading all of the different people's stories for Think, and then the same for the other sections. This is so people are taking in influence from 20 or so stories, from the step they are on right now.

You are giving other vegans inspiration, to help them to Think, Act, Ask, and to Adapt around the context of being an active vegan. All to allow them to realise a way of thinking, and an active approach that suits them.

Think about something to form your own perspective on it.
Act on what you feel you need or want to do, act on your intuition, act on your idea.
Ask to gain active vegan advise, or to get feedback and gain insights, to see how you can improve, or if felt needed redirect your efforts.
Adapt your approach based on the feedback you get, to improve the methods you use, and the impact that you want to get from your actions.

What happens next:
Get to the sharing of your story ;'). To help it to be as quick and easy as possible for you, context advise for writing your brief story is given on each section (Think, Act, Ask, Adapt).

Your answers will be published on the website along with a small image of you, your name, your favourite pastime/hobby/activity, and where you are from.

The aim is that your brief stories, will give others that are less active or yet to be active, ideas and influence them in a constructive way.

What’s needed from you:
1) Brief story circa; 100 -160 characters per section. 

2) Your details (head shot picture, your name, your favourite pastime/hobby/activity, and where you are from).

3) Roughly when you went vegan, and roughly when you started being an active vegan

4) If you would like to provide your email contact details to be updated when the site is live, please do.

Thank you:
Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is really important.