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Dear Respondents,

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Hayama, Japan is undertaking an analysis of capacity building approaches on climate change adaptation (CCA) in the Asia-Pacific region. The objective of this analysis is to understand the effectiveness of capacity building activities and programmes in fulfilling on-the-ground adaptation needs and enhancing climate actions. We would like to learn from your experiences or future plans as a provider/recipient of capacity building in the areas or sectors relevant to CCA. It could also be your general observations with regards to issues surrounding the capacity building on CCA.

The findings will be used to devise targeted programmes to boost the capacity of governments, institutions, communities, vulnerable groups, and relevant stakeholders across the Asia-Pacific region for planning, designing and implementing adaptation actions effectively. Broadly, it will complement the Capacity Building Programme of the Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform (AP-PLAT), which has been launched by Japanese Government to serve as a regional platform of climate change risk information to support effective climate risk management through adaptation, sharing, and collaboration. As one of three pillars of AP-PLAT, Capacity Building Program aims to enhance more efficient and inclusive capacity development by linking partners' various resource and efforts to each other, such as programmes, tools, human resources, and information, that already exists in Asia Pacific region, while considering their strength and advantages.

This survey is ANONYMOUS and your participation is VOLUNTARY. By participating in this survey, you give your consent to use collected information to assist formulating future capacity building activities on CCA by IGES and its partners.

Those opting to share their contact information WILL RECEIVE A COPY of the assessment report as well as we retain them into our "database of potential partners" for potential collaboration in future capacity building programs/activities by IGES, its partners, and/or AP-PLAT. For that, please fill the section "For future collaboration/partnership with IGES and/or AP-PLAT" towards the end.

The questionnaire is divided into two parts, in addition to common questions to both. Part I is to gain the perspective from the recipient of capacity building and Part II is for the provider of capacity building.

Please note the following:
  1. Each part should take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete assuming that some respondents are free to skip questions that are not relevant to their case/context.
  2. Respondents are free to answer Part I, Part II or both parts 
  3. In checkbox questions, consider choosing multiple choices whenever applicable.