* 1. Have you ever shopped at Primark?

* 2. Would you consider shopping at Primark in the future?

* 3. To what extent do you feel Primark provides ethical and sustainable clothing, ensuring they look after their workers and the environment?

* 4. Would you believe it if you were told Primark uses the same factories to make their clothes as 98% of other high-street retailers, including Topshop, BHS and Next.

* 5. Which would you feel is a priority regarding sustainable clothing production:

* 6. Would you be interested to know the life cycle of some of your clothing i.e. where the material was sourced and its global distribution, in order to see how sustainable the production was?

* 7. Would you be interested to know the life cycle of Primark's clothing - so you can see where the fabric was sourced, who made it and its journey to the stores?

* 8. Do you ever look at clothing care labels in order to see where the product originated, or check out the washing instructions?

* 9. Would you be prepared to pay a little more for clothing that is guaranteed to have a sustainable product cycle?

* 10. In order of most important to least important, please put the following in order of consideration when you decide to purchase clothing:

  Most important Least important
Brand name
Price of garment
Ethical reputation of company
Quality of garment
Fabric/material used to construct garment