NMR Reaction Monitoring Survey


Thank you for reviewing the information about our proposed offering for NMR-based reaction monitoring. Below, we have prepared a very short survey and very much appreciate your reaction and your interest in the solution.

Thank you in advance for sharing your feedback with us.



* 1. How often do you currently use NMR for end-product structural confirmation of an organic synthesis reaction?

* 2. How often do you find unexpected artifacts, impurities or byproducts in your end-point analysis of a synthesis reaction?

* 3. Would you benefit from obtaining NMR-quality spectra in real-time during your reaction?

* 4. Based on your review of the information, how compelling is Margitek's SpinSolve solution for real-time reaction monitoring?

* 5. In your own words, would you please describe the top 2 or 3 questions you would have about the system or its application to real-time reaction monitoring?

* 6. Should we offer this system for real-time reaction monitoring, would you like to us to contact you about an early-access program at at a discount price?