Local Chapter Leads Survey for NAYGN Children's Book

Questions on completing this survey? Contact Amanda.Lang@duke-energy.com. One response per chapter!

Respond to this survey to get your initial supply of books (free of charge, supplies limited). If you're interested in an individual chapter-funded bulk order (>500 books), check yes at the bottom of this survey.

* 1. What is the name of your local NAYGN Chapter?

* 2. Please provide your name.

* 3. Please provide your email address.

* 4. How many people are active members in your chapter?

* 5. How many elementary schools and public libraries are within one hour driving distance of your chapter? (A quick estimate from a Google search is all we need.)

* 6. Based on your local chapter's expected number of elementary school and public library visits, how many books would you like to receive for your local chapter?

* 7. Where should we ship your books to? (Name and address - No PO Boxes)

* 8. My chapter is interested in (and has funding for) a bulk order of >500 books. Note that books are about $5/book and the national NAYGN will not buy more books for your chapter.