LPCSD Board of Education Communication Survey

In this year's review of the Lake Placid School Strategic Plan, the Board of Education seeks to include a greater diversity of stakeholders with the district that may have personal, professional, civic, or financial interest. The objective to gain additional perspectives would be to provide a mix of skills, experience and other attributes in order to provide added value to the LPCSD operations.

In completing this short 3 minute survey you be helping the district by providing important feedback.

* 1. Which of the following titles best describes your relationship with the Lake Placid Central School District?

* 2. This Board of Education Survey is being distributed via multiple mediums.   Please indicate how this Survey reached you.

* 3. Please provide your opinion as to the importance for the LPCSD Board of Education to seek to expand the number of people involved in making important decisions related to a school’s organization, operation, and academics.

* 4. In Question 3, above, if you indicated it is important to expand the number of people involved in decisions, how would you suggest the LPCSD Board of Education accomplish this task?

* 5. Please indicate your preferred source of communication in obtaining information related to the Lake Placid School District.

* 6. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the above listed forms of Lake Placid School District communication?

* 7. The LPCSD Board of Education Committees listed below provide an example of areas where additional feedback and diverse perspectives are encouraged, please indicate the committee in which you feel additional input is most important.

* 8. Please provide preferred email address if interested in being contacted by LPCSD when additional stakeholder feedback is being requested. (* This information would be for invitation only and will not be distributed to any outside organization.)

* 9. Feel free to provide any additional comments/questions you would like to be addressed by the Lake Placid School Board.