Waiting List Standard English: Prep

Thank you for visiting our Prep Out of Catchment Expression of Interest Survey.
Important Information:  
  • Enter your child's details and your contact details into the survey. Your responses will be added to the waiting list and will be ordered based on the time stamp of when the survey was submitted. 
  • Check your mobile number and email address carefully. If we are unable to contact you we are unable to offer you a position.
  • The waiting list expires on the first Monday in February each year. A new application will need to be submitted each year.
  • Offers will be offered during Term 3.  If successful, the school will contact you to arrange documentation and completion of enrolment forms. 
We must be able to contact you during Term 3 and 4, 2017. You must respond to an offer of enrolment within 48 hours of offer to confirm placement. 

* 1. Parent's Name

* 2. Child's Full Name

* 3. Child's Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

* 4. Siblings: Name and Date of Birth

* 5. Current Address

* 6. Mobile Phone Number (Check number is correct)

* 7. Alternate Number

* 8. Email address (Check address is correct)