It's a Summer Thing!
Do Your Thing @ the Wallingford Public Library.

This summer, when you readcreatelearn, or play using one of Wallingford Public Library’s resources, you’re eligible to enter into a drawing to win 1 of 8 gift card prizes and 1 grand prize.

Beginning July 1st, come to the Library to fill out an entry form, or fill out this entry form online. So even if you’re on vacation or can’t get to the Library, you can still enter to win.

Tell us:
· What you read. Title and author, or name of magazine, etc.
· What you created. Did you attend a craft program at the Library, or work in the Collaboratory?
· What you learned. Did you take an online class through UniversalClass or Transparent Language? Did you attend a book group or a program?
· How you played. Did you borrow a discount pass to a local museum or attraction or borrow a lawn game?

Choose 1 of the 8 prizes you’d like to win. Enter multiple times throughout the summer – enter every time you read, create, learn, or play. The more you do, the more chances you’ll have to win. Each time you enter, you can choose a different prize or you can enter multiple times to win the same prize. 

Prizes include $25 gift cards to restaurants, attractions, and entertainment in Wallingford, including CT Fresh Food & Produce Market, Holiday Cinemas, Hometown Pizza & Restaurant, Keri’s Sweet Creations, Kiwi Spoon, Library Wine Bar & Bistro, Neil’s Donuts, and Vinny’s Deli. ALL entries will be put into a grand prize drawing for a $75 gift card to 1 of those 8 establishments of your choice. All entries must be received by August 24th.

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* 4. What "thing" did you do using Wallingford Public Library resources? (please be specific).

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* 5. Choose the one prize you'd like to win: