* 1. Company Contact Information

* 2. Company Web Address:

* 3. Please provide us with a company bio. This will be published for students to read before the event.

* 4. What majors are you primarily looking for in your potential employees?

* 5. What job/internship opportunities will you be offering at the Showcase?

* 6. Would you like us to reserve a room for you to conduct interviews after the showcase/ the next day?

* 7. Please select from the following payment options:

* 8. Who will be attending from your company? Please provide name and contact information (ex. John Smith, johnsmith@yahoo.com)

* 9. Will you be paying with check or credit card?

IF PAYING WITH CHECK: Please make check payable to Agribusiness Management/ NAMA Club.

Agribusiness Department
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0254

Please submit this survey then visit the following link.


This link will take you to the Cal Poly ASI website that accepts Credit Card payment via PayPal.