Delta Air Lines has awarded JA Africa scholarships for 5 female students to attend the National Flight Academy (NFA) in Pensacola, FL - USA from July 2-7, 2023 (Girls in Aviation Week)! Do you want to be considered to receive one of the scholarships? Then make sure to carefully read all the information below.

About the NFA & the Program
The National Flight Academy is a premier STEM education institution that provides students entering into the equivalent of US grades 7-12 (that is JSS1 through SSS2) with a fully-immersive, learning adventure of a lifetime! During the NFA’s 6-day overnight program, students live aboard AMBITION, a state-of-the-art virtual aircraft carrier. They work together to plan humanitarian missions with ultramodern, advanced technology, learn to fly in 42 networked flight simulators, and receive mission briefings in six fully electronic ready rooms. By working in a team, students learn to collaborate and develop 21st Century Core Competency Skills like leadership, communication, and critical thinking. Read more about the AMBITION 6-day program.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria
Applicant must:
1. Be female and resident in an African country
2. Be entering into the equivalent of US Grades 7 - 12 (that is junior and senior secondary school) AND between the ages of 11 - 17 years
NOTE: Students graduating from secondary school/high school before July 2023 ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to apply

2. Have an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and in learning more about the aviation industry
3. Currently have a passport and US visa OR have the ability to obtain US visa by May 2023 without any issue
4. Be able to cover all costs related to participation in the program, that are not covered by the scholarship

NOTE: The Delta scholarship ONLY COVERS TUITION for the Girls in Aviation Week Program at the National Flight Academy. This includes housing, meals, instruction and access to state-of-the-art technology for the 6 days.

It does not include travel (airfare) to and from the US, visa fees, meals outside the program, and other incidentals. Therefore the student must be able to raise funds to cover all costs associated with attending the program. Funds could come from parents/guardians, your school or other funder.
If you are selected to participate in this program, you will be responsible for covering all costs not covered by this scholarship. Please see below estimated costs to be considered:

Roundtrip Airfare for student
: $1200 - $2000 (depending on country of departure and airline used)

US visa: $160
Meals at airport (home country and US): $50
Meal/snacks during Airport transfer (Airport - NFA base - Airport): $20
Snacks from vending machines while on base + souvenirs: $30 - $50
Incidentals: $20-$50
Early arrival/late departure fee: $300/night. This fee applies only if the student needs to come in a day early or leave a day later (eg. due to flight schedules) and would like to stay at the National Flight Academy. The fee of $300 includes meals.

**Students may be accompanied by an adult on the trip; however all associated costs must be borne by the adult. The adult will not be allowed to stay on the NFA base after dropping the student off, but can reside in hotels in Pensacola.

How to apply
Apply by following these steps:

1. Discuss this competition with your parent/guardian and get their approval to proceed with the application (We will contact your parent).
2. Complete the application form below

The deadline for submission is Tuesday, March 7 by 11:59pm GMT

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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