1. Introduction to the High Park Project Survey

Welcome to The High Park Project's 2023 survey!
We'd want to know our project's impact and what you'd like us to concentrate on if we receive additional funding in the future. This won't take long we promise (5-10 mins)!

The following pages will ask:

  • If you have been INVOLVED in the project and your community
  • If you think our impact has been SUSTAINABLE
  • If you feel EMPOWERED to change your community
  • If you have more LOCAL PRIDE for your community
  • If you think we've made a big or small IMPACT
  • If you want to share ideas about YOU AND YOUR COMMUNITY
If you want to complete this survey over the phone - Contact me on 01704 517811 or email joe.mcnulty@brighterliving.org.uk.

Please click next to begin the survey - AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
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