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* 1. We're looking for your input on what you'd want to see in a comparative analysis of texting solutions.

What use cases must a texting platform ideally be able to address?

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* 2. Review the questions below. What other criteria/features might you want to see compared across solutions?

Existing Vendor Questions
  • Describe your experience working with FQHCs and safety net facilities serving the uninsured and Medicaid market.
  • Are you willing to engage in a demonstration, pilot, or investigator-initiated trial with actual patients?
  • Please describe your pricing/cost model.
  • Please describe your typical implementation support and training.
  • Please describe your ongoing support model and associated costs.
  • What languages do you currently support?
  • Can we connect with a referenceable client? Please list up to 3 here.
  • How do patients interact with your solution? (e.g.: text, smartphone app, computer, IVR)
  • Please describe the patient experience: what actions are required, what technology, skills, or training are required?
  • Please describe the experience from the provider's perspective. What technology or training/skills are required?
  • What reports and trending does your solution support?
  • What EHR platform integrations do you already support?

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* 3. In addition to the shortlist below, are there other specific texting vendors you'd like us to include in this landscape? Please list below.

Texting Solutions Shortlist:
Care Message
mPulse (see attachments for those who are curious)
ecW text reminders
Salesforce (for targeted messaging)
Health Crowd
Medumo (for colonoscopy)