Feedback Activity Overview

We need your help! The City is considering a range of potential strategies and measures to reduce the amount of climate change-causing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are generated in Rancho Cordova. This activity is intended to get your feedback on the different strategies and measures being considered. The questions are organized by the following major climate change-related activities that can be influenced by the City's actions:
  • Getting To, From, and Around the City (On-road Transportation Sector)
  • Using Energy in Existing Homes and Businesses (Building Energy Sector)
  • Using Energy in New Homes and Businesses (Building Energy Sector)
  • Using Equipment for Landscaping and Construction (Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Sector)
  • Using Water and Disposing of Waste at Homes and Businesses (Water and Solid Waste Sectors)
  • Planting and Managing Trees (Carbon Sequestration Sector)
A handout, titled "Draft Measures to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions,” has been prepared to provide you with information on the potential strategies and measures and help you complete this feedback activity.
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