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After taking this survey, you will receive your CFN Rating™. Your CFN Rating™ is a measure of your current organizational Customer Experience (CX) effectiveness, and it is the primary metric which correlates customer delight with real financial outcomes.

Our assessment contains proven CX best practices within four key organizational disciplines: Colleague Engagement, Operational Excellence, Customer Engagement and Behavioral Excellence.

We will send your assessment results to you and we will help you:

Understand more about your company’s CX strengths – what you need to keep doing
Understand opportunity areas where you need to put more attention
Engage your key leaders and team members
See how you compare to others in your industry with an “outside in” lens which is great to role model as a CX leader

This assessment contains 20 best practices that span our 4 CFN disciplines.
Your ratings will help us determine the progress and effectiveness of your current Customer Experience efforts.

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