You know what your life is like. If you sit back and think about it, you can summon up a picture of your day, your home life, your spiritual life, your parnassah and the way you take care of your family. But how does that compare to the lives of other women in your community?
To get a better understanding of what life is like for women in our communities, from time to time we will feature “The Pulse.” We’ll publish the results and then give you a new set of questions to answer about a different facet of life.
In this inaugural edition of “The Pulse,” we’re asking how reliant are on your spouse to manage your household? How reliant is your family on you? Help us understand one another better so that we can keep a finger on the pulse—the women—of our community.

* 1. Your Age

* 2. Place Of Residence

* 4. Are Any Of Your Children Under The Age Of Six?

* 5. Do You Work Outside The Home?

* 6. Full Time or Part Time?

* 8. Are You The Main  Breadwinner?

* 9. Are You In Charge of Paying the Family's Bills?

* 10. Do You Own Your Own Business (Not Together With Your Husband)?

* 11. Do You Do Any Volunteer Work?

* 12. Did You Wait To Go Back To Work Until Your Children Were Older?

* 13. Is Doing Homework With Your Children Your Responsibility?

* 14. Does Your Husband Help With The Children’s Homework?

* 15. Does Your Husband Help With The Housework?

* 16. Do You Have Cleaning Help?

* 17. Do You Leave Your Children With A Babysitter During The Day?

* 18. Do You Have Any Help With Child Care In The House?

* 19. Are You Responsible For Taking Your Child To A Playgroup Or School?

* 20. Do You Drive In Carpool?

* 21. Are You In Charge Of Everyone’s Schedule, Keeping Track Of Appointments, Extracurricular Activities And The Like?

* 22. Are You The One Who Stays Home When One Of The Kids Is Sick?

* 23. Are You In Charge Of Home Repairs, Yard Maintenance Or Car Repairs?

* 24. Are You The One Who Takes Your Children To The Doctor?

* 25. Are You The One Who Takes Your Children To Other Appointments?