Proposals must be received in the NRHA office no later than December 15, 2017.

If you prefer to submit using a pdf or Word form, please email Christa Morris-Stone ( to request that it be emailed to you. If you have diagrams or images to submit with the proposal, instructions are provided at the end of the form.


* 1. Rule Change Type (Please mark the appropriate box or boxes below):

(For judging-related proposals, please address all sections of the rules potentially impacted.)

* 2. Page or pages in the NRHA Handbook that would be changed:

* 3. CURRENT HANDBOOK LANGUAGE: (From the NRHA Handbook, please provide the language (wording) you wish to see changed. You will provide your recommended changes on Question 4.)

* 4. PROPOSED CHANGE: (Please include the proposed changes to the rule as it would be written in the NRHA Handbook. This includes denoting current language (wording) and any proposed wording that would be added or removed from the Handbook.)

* 5. Intent of Proposal:

* 6. This rule change is being submitted by:

* 7. Name of Submitting Member: (If from a committee/task force, please list the chair's information on Questions 7-9. If from an Affiliate, please list the president's (or other responsible party's) information on Questions 7-9.)

* 8. Member Number:

* 9. Email Address (For follow up or questions related to the proposal):

* 10. Do you have diagrams or images you'd like to submit with the proposal?

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