Safe Communities Kansas City and Destination Safe is conducting an Employer Cell Phone Policy Survey in an effort to learn more about how companies and organizations are managing cell phone use while employees are at work. This data will not be used to report your answers to your employer but will serve our committee in our efforts to improve the safety of Kansas City residents.

This survey is anonymous. Your responses will not be shared with your company or organization. Results from this survey will only be used to measure policy information across various organizations. 

Please answer these questions based on your understanding or awareness of what your company's policies are. We are not asking you to answer with complete certainty of what the actual policy says.

Thanks for your help!

* 1. Company/Organization Name

* 2. Does your company or organization serve Kansas City, KS/Kansas City, MO?

* 3. Does your employer have a policy regarding cell phone use while driving?

* 4. How is this policy conveyed to new and existing employees?

* 5. Does your employer’s cell phone policy apply to all employees or only those that operate company vehicles?

* 6. Which statement best describes your employer’s cell phone policy?

* 7. Are there consequences related to violations of this policy?

* 8. Are the consequences of policy violations clearly outlined in the policy?

* 9. What are the consequences of breaking your company’s cell phone policy?

* 10. How do you think a ban on using a cell phone while driving affects productivity?

* 11. How has this policy affected your use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle?

* 12. Does your employer have a health and wellness incentive program that incorporates an employee pledge?

* 13. Does your employer’s health and wellness incentive program ask you to wear your seatbelt while operating a motor vehicle?

* 14. Would you find it reasonable if your employer were to incorporate a no cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle pledge as part of their health and wellness incentive program?

* 15. Optional:
Please share your information so that we may include you in efforts to make Kansas City employees safer while on the job and at home!