* 1. Which buildings do your children attend?

* 2. Please rank the following areas identified by our district focus group as potential areas for improvement. 1 will represent your top priority and 8 will represent your lowest priority.

  1 Highest Priority 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Lowest Priority
Improve Fine Arts Facilities.
Vacate the middle school by constructing a new building.
Expand our Pre-K program by creating more classroom space at Liberty Elementary and serve all four year old students in the school district that want to attend school.
Remove freshman from the high school and create a 10th 11th and 12th grade high school setting to help focus on freshman and work to reduce the dropout rate.
Place safe rooms at all sites that would be open to students during the school day and open to the public in the evenings during severe weather.
Major roof repair at all sites where needed.
Restructure Eastside from a 3rd thru 5th grade facility to a 2nd thru 4th grade facility to give third graders a year to become acclimated to a new building before they are subjected to high stakes testing that could lead to them being retained as outlined in current legislation.
Renovate the elementary school facilities.

* 3. Please feel free to comment or suggest other items that are of high value to the improvement of our school system.