MMEF AMI 3-6 Diploma - Level 7 Stakeholder Consultation

Maria Montessori Education Foundation (MMEF) would greatly appreciate your assistance in their effort to adapt their qualification - Level 6 to Level 7 - to the new NZQA Framework.

(This survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete).

* 1. 1) Would you support MMEF's application for a Level 7 Diploma?
Pros - remains on NZQA framework. Possibly allow cross credits or RPL with a tertiary provider
Cons - will still not meet Teacher registration requirements as it is an internationally recognised specialist Montessori Diploma?

* 2. How important is it to you that MMEF's AMI 3-6 Diploma is on the NZQA framework?

* 3. In response to Q.2 please tell us WHY? For example, if you feel it is extremely important - why is that?  Likewise, if you answered of little importance to Q.2 -why?

* 4. Please enter your contact details.