AIA Diversity History/Stories

This survey seeks to collect observations and experiences of individuals involved in various ways with AIA Diversity, as part of a study of AIA Diversity history undertaken by AIA Diversity veteran Marga Rose Hancock Hon. AIA with assistance from AIA Diversity and Inclusion.
Information gathered from this survey will supplement the draft AIA Diversity Timeline 1968-2013 posted here:
PLEASE NOTE that your responses, in whole or in part, may appear in publications associated with this project.
Questions? Contact or AIA Diversity 202.626-7471.

* 1. KEY POINTS: BRIEFLY describe your direct experience with AIA Diversity activity: event(s) attended, activities undertaken, interaction with Diversity team members, etc. Please include years and locations where relevant.

* 2. WHAT DIFFERENCE? Based on your personal experience and observations, can you cite specific evidence of changes in the situation faced by women, individuals from ethnic and minority backgrounds, LGBT, and people with disabilities in the profession of architecture? If so, please provide a BRIEF statement of what the change looks like to you.

* 3. WHAT NEXT? How do you envision the future of diversity in architecture? What advice might best guide a woman or an individual from a minority background considering entering the profession?

* 4. HOPES & FEARS: What signs do you see that predict positive change for professional diversity in architecture, and/or of danger for progress in this area?

* 5. CONTACT INFO: Please provide your name & location for posting with your survey responses, and your e-mail address for further contact regarding this study and other AIA Diversity activities.