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Hep B United Mini Grant Eligibility

If you answer "No" to either eligibility question you are not eligible to apply for an HBU Mini-Grant, please do not continue this application. The HBU Mini-Grants application requires applicants to be either HBU members or affiliated with an HBU member; and are to support work on hepatitis B specifically in African immigrant, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander communities and persons who use drugs in the United States. These mini-grants are funding in-part using funds from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention under award #5NU51PS005196-02.

If you have any questions or concerns related to your eligibility, please email 

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* 1. Eligibility: Are you currently an official Hep B United Partner or affiliated with a local hepatitis B coalition in the United States?

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* 2. Eligibility: If you answered Yes to question 1, have you been a member of HBU for more than six months?

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* 3. Eligibility: Are you planning to focus on PWUD, African Immigrants, Asian Americans, and/or Pacific Islander communities within your proposal?