Employee Performance - Article 10

This survey is intended for your CSUEU representatives to determine if the campus is in compliance with contract articles pertaining to Employee Performance. Information you provide will remain anonymous, however, some statistics may be used in our need to enforece any contractual violations we encounter.

* 1. What is the date of your most recent Performance Evaluation?

* 2. Who conducted your most recent evaluation?

* 3. Was the person who performed your most recent evaluation familiar with your day-to-day tasks and the complete details of your job?

* 4. Did the person who conducted your most recent Performance Evaluation meet with you in person to discuss the details of it with you?

* 5. Were you given 5 days to review and respond to the Performance Evaluation before you were asked to sign it?

* 6. After your review were you given a final, signed copy of your Performance Evaluation?

* 7. Was there a copy of your current position description attached to the Performance Evaluation?

* 8. During your most recent Performance Evaluation did the evaluator discuss, in detail and in writing, goals for the upcoming term of your employment?

* 9. What other comments or concerns regarding your Performance Evaluation do you have at this time?